Does this service really work?

Yes of course it works! If you use our service your fax will be transmitted and be printed out normally on receivers fax machine.

I have sent my fax but I can’t see it in my fax history?

This is normal! Don’t worry. It usually takes a moment before your sent fax shows up in your fax history tab. Give it some time.

Why aren’t faxes free?

In order to deliver your fax, we are using a network of international fax service providers. This service is expensive because there is a strict protocol they must adhere to.

This is to ensure HIPAA compliance and a secure transmission, with high document quality and fast fax delivery.

Due to large orders, we are able to receive a deeply discounted wholesale pricing, and, therefore we can pass these savings onto you!

We also save you from the cost of the fax machine itself, ink, paper, and a fax number.

Be smart about your money and the company you trust to get the job done right. Fax with us today.

Can I pause my subscription plan temporarily without losing my progress?

We are sorry to hear that something is preventing you to keep using the app for now! As you won't be able to benefit from your subscription for a while and as there is no way to pause it, we kindly suggest that you temporarily cancel it by following these instructions from Apple. Once you are ready to start working out again, you are welcome to subscribe once more.

In order to make sure that none of your progress is lost in the meantime, we strongly advise you not to uninstall the app from your phone. This way you'll be able to start again from where you left.

How can I pause push notifications?

You can change your preferences and pause push notifications about our app by following these simple steps:

  • Open your device settings
  • Select Notifications
  • Scroll down to find the name of our app, then tap on it
  • There, you can adjust the notifications settings to make them less frequent, or you can choose to switch them off completely by tapping on the green toggle—it will turn grey and you won’t receive any further notifications

It would be great if you could also tell us why you’d prefer to pause the notifications you receive from our app. Share your feedback with us by dropping us an email at any time. We’re always listening carefully to our users' opinions to guide our future developments!

Didn't find what you were looking for? Contact us on our 24/7 mail support.